Our Story

  Surrounding themselves in physical fitness and nutrition for the past 20+ years and seeing so many of their friends and family becoming ill and immobile, Co-Founders, Sal and Jesse, knew there was a need to establish a company that can create an impact in the health epidemic this country is dealing with. Together they founded Validus Nutrition, with the mission to create clean, high quality supplements that they feel are essential to living a healthy lifestyle and warding off disease.

The United States has turned into a country fueled by money with no regard to people’s health. Food and Pharmaceutical companies rule the pockets of most major health organizations. Certain companies are allowed to create genetically modified food that is proven to cause cancer and destroy the gut. Soda companies are allowed to promote their sugar and chemical filled products as a “Healthy Snack”, pay corrupt nutritionists to post articles lying about how their products are not bad for you and even imply they have some sort of health benefit.

Meanwhile, people are getting sicker and sicker. Food and Drug companies are getting richer and richer. Over 50 MILLION Americans now have been diagnosed with Autoimmune disease and there are millions more who don’t even know they have it. Americans are dying at an alarming rate and the main culprits are heart disease and diabetes due to terrible eating habits and improper supplementation. The numbers in the info-graphic above are scary. This needs to change now, not just for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

We, at Validus, know that we can make a difference. We understand that all disease comes from the gut and the gut is the first place you must start to get on track to being healthy again. With proper nutrition and supplementation, we can get you feeling great again. We believe that every condition is reversible, as long as you are willing to do what it takes to cut out the junk and live a healthy lifestyle.

Always Remember – Healthy Gut. Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Happy Life.

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