Total Synergy Adult Premium Blend


Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired? Total Synergy is the First step to Feeling Great Again!

Did you know that more and more Americans suffer from symptoms of “Leaky Gut” each year? Our poor diets, high stress and over use of antibiotics are destroying our gut, causing the walls in our gut to actually become porous and allowing harmful toxins to enter our blood stream. This is the root of almost ALL disease. The good news is that it’s never too late to start healing your gut and get back to being the healthy person you used to be. This first step is to start taking a high quality Probiotic that contains super important Prebitoics! Our Premium Blend, with over 10 different strains of bacteria, plus 2 different prebiotics, and over 50 Billion CFU’s per serving, is the perfect supplement to start healing your gut and get you feeling young again.


Benefits of Total Synergy Premium Blend

★ Help restore your gut health and repair your gut lining
★ 10 strains and 50 Billion CFU’s of good bacteria to help balance
the bacteria in your gut plus super important prebiotics
★ Increase nutrient absorption
★ Aid digestion
★ Improve Immune System and helps fight infection and disease
★ Helps fight and repair Autoimmune disease
★ Alleviates stomach problems
★ Alleviate Allergy Symptoms and Asthma
★ Enhances Mood and Well-Being
★ Reduces inflammation
★ Increase energy levels
★ May help aid weight loss and much more



Why is Total Synergy Adult better than the rest?

★ We use only the best probiotic strains sourced through Dupont™ Daniso® - trusted by many of the world’s leading manufacturers of dietary supplements & Nutritionals. Our cultures have proven stability with a unique and patented stabilization technology.
★ Our strains are acid and bile resistant, allowing them to reach deep in the gut where they should be.
★ Once in the gut, like all living things, bacteria need food to survive. Total Synergy contains extremely important Prebiotics, which are non-digestible carbs that act as food for Probiotics and allow them to flourish and grow strong. Without a proper food source the good bacteria will die. Prebiotics are an important ingredient that every Quality Probiotic Supplement should contain.
★ Total Synergy Adult Contains 10 Strategically selected Probitoics to help repair your gut with Over 50 BILLION CFU’s and 2 super important Prebiotics
★ We care about you! That’s why our blend is a Non GMO, Gluten Free, Lactose & Dairy Free, Kosher and is also free of Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Yeast, Salt, Animal Derivatives, Artificial Flavors or Preservatives.
★ Our Probiotics have a Very Long Shelf Life due to a patented, uniquely engineered Activ-Polymer™ bottle. Probiotics are very sensitive to oxygen and moisture. Our bottle features and impenetrable desiccant sleeve that surrounds the probiotics so they can stay virtually moisture free. Each bottle also contains an OxyFree® desiccant. This oxygen destroying pack destroys any leftover moisture in the bottle to allow them to last even longer.
★ No Refrigeration Necessary. In fact, you shouldn’t put them in the fridge at all. Just store in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet.
★ Very Affordable Price. Each bottle contains a 2-month supply. Treating yourself right will cost you less than $23 a month.